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Posted by sophia - - 1 comments

Because I don’t wear weave

Or have 5 kids that don’t look the same

I don’t have a multicolor purse to match some lip-gloss and bootleg Louis Vuttion shades

Or be that kid that believes D’s are good grades

I “act” white

So apparently, by this chart of suburban idealologies

I have to dismiss the color of my skin

I have nothing to say about my peoples ways because all our paths vary

But on the contrary, why quarantine me from my own kin?

Because I stand against the stereotypical norm?

Just because I embrace profound thought

Enjoy walks in the park

And listening to Tom Jones

Does not mean my name is carlton and I will stand being depicted as a mockery to the white man

As they dismiss the color of my skin

Just because I choose to educate myself

To raise my sisters and brothers

Out of the megatropolis of shackled minds

The ghetto

My heroism is criitized and labelized

As “white” because my blackness is not an appropriate level of ability

Yet, remain corrected, I am able

Able to detect how I alert a mind with my uncommon ways so they feel pressured to make change

The negativity is marketed and materialized in our rapped up phenomenon

And crystallized with chains and grills

And financied by the platinum record embellished in gold

Truth be told

As they dismiss the color of my skin

Because we let them

We encourage the media’s attacks on our revolutionary moon walker

While we replace cocoa butter with bleach cream and condone our beautifully nappy hair

We let them embrace Brittany and Paris as a perfectly ignorant pair

To forget Martin and Garvey were ever here and there was no lesson to learn

They want me to support a war with no cause

When that old thorn bush should have been burned …the first time

As the dismiss the color my skin

Every day empowers me

The pain will only broaden my focus to teach children to divert from the bogus system of comparing another person’s individuality to an oreo

To teach them that a man will come to rescue them one day so they stop fucking with the boys

to teach them that those guns are no weapon against a strong heart and mind

For them, I will be the milk they can float in until their shell cracks to release the substaintially humbled soul

Then i will truly know

When they embrace the color my skin

One Response so far.

  1. D. Lee says:

    Preach on! I wish i had insightful things to say on my blog.