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Posted by sophia - - 0 comments

The past two weeks, I have been putting in major time with everything that has to do with my life. Ive been hyper- busy with my family, friends, work, and extracurriculars. The momentum that I have been moving has been faster and harder than any other time in my life, EVER... and its not even at its climax yet. 

So what have I been doing... moving forward. 

Ive plowed through alot of the rough edged things and now I have to maintain the pace. I really wanted to let myself fall, it just seems like God knows when I need to be cradled. He definitely spoke into some situations and through some friends today and left me feeling really warm. 

So at this point. I would like to recognize I really apprieciate good hugs, smiles, random free food events when i have no money for lunch, more hugs, more smiles, thumb wars, basketball, falcons, dancing to no music, and most of all MI FAMILIA (te amo)

oh yeah, and sleep :)

so, i dedicate this post to a tribe called quest. thanks for keeping my company. 

peace and love