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Posted by sophia - - 2 comments

I have alot of friends and associates who continue their life with a lack of direction. I know its a harsh things to say, but really what is so surmountable and grand about getting mindlessly drunk and or high every weekend. What positive life skills does that enforce? How will this help someone else? How is this not immature?

They all use the same means of justification: You're only young once, so why not get 'all this out my system'.

It's so stupid. They all thrive and strive for these short periods of gratification from drugs, alcohol, even bad relationships. They are all worthless. The misuse and abuse of these things over time, creates a dependency. As it seemingly forms a value system in their life, you see them compare themselves to their next high and their next level of drunkenness or the next dude/girl. Their 'need' for their wants creates a disoriented matrix, so that the basic humanistic things they really need ( esteem, real love...) become a dream and a distant unrecognizable phenomenon.

I used to be that person. I wanted to party and be cool be seen. Unaware that I was conversely shacked by my lifestyle that was soon to be degenerable. There was no uniformity, nothing was ever consistent. My happiness was totally relative to the next group I could be cool with. The next party. The next scene. Constantly wanting a quick fix of fun to cling on to, just to keep my afloat and distract myself from my brokenness. Unaware as this mechanism for 'fun' degenerates, they will too.

I feel bad for my friends who are still wrapped in this cycle. Especially my fellow women. More times than none, if they are going to a party, and have this sort of fun I speak of, its not just about the self gratification, its to gratify some other dude.

But this whole excuse of doing things like this while we are young is limiting the future. Things that start well, usually end well. So why limit your success? We are adults. Why wait until something bad happens to start owning up to it? We are not invincible...

This past weekend, a young woman at my college passed due to drunk driving. It breaks my heart that she had to die from something so preventable.

I am not saying that we cannot have fun. But why not do something that has an everlasting value? Why make your happiness relative?

2 Responses so far.

  1. I know how you feel Soph; I used to be there too. Occasionally I still feel that "high" of being at a party, tipsy and popular and while it's awesome, it ALWAYS ends. I'm so thankful that you and I (respectively, of course) have gotten past that point in our lives where that party "high" was a necessity.

    I love that you're concerned about others, but remember: they too will come to their senses just as we did. Give them time, and in the meantime be that loving, supportive person you are. G-d smiles on you for it. (:

    I love and miss you <3

    & the "word verification" word is "shammi". just thought you'd laugh at that too. :D

  2. sophia says:

    aww megan, i love you too :)

    I just kinda reached a new chapter in my life and kinda wish someone told me a story like this while i was in the previous stage. I felt like if i didnt share it, I wouldn't be doing what G-d called for. So yeah know they will come to their senses in time as I did. and for some... im really hoping its sometime soon, lol