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Posted by sophia - - 0 comments

Three years ago, I would have heard this song and not cared due to not having a means to relate to it
One year ago, I would have been crying my eyes out at just hearing its melody.
Two months ago, I would have loathed the thoughts that came to mind as I reminisced though its words
But now.. I feel like I this song reflects the view as I look at my life from the greener grass on the other side.

I used to twirl in the "what could be's" and the "what if's" like obsessing over old news was going to somehow make a difference.
The instrumentals of this piece weave a fabric of passion that is equally aggressive as it has an upbeat tempo, but soft as it has the muted brass and the strings in the counter melody., illustrating the fervor and its counterpart of affection. The bass and the drums setting the pace... symbolizing the inevitable passing of time progressing to something and gaining further substance with each step.... And the electric and acoustic guitar along with the piano unfolding the running solo of the piece showing how two unique feelings can blend into unison.....

The words of the song are a mere reflection of my heart now. It is in effect equal, but opposite. I am the same person to the extent of my superficial personality, but my heart has changed. My core has changed. Its been totally washed clean with the love of Christ. I don't see sadness or despair, I see my journey... away from the issues that kept me so grounded in a non productive way, and towards something much farther, and much higher... I recognize how those things that affected me in my past only paved my way to where I stand now...

I cant tell you how great the view is