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Posted by sophia - - 0 comments

Lately I have been hearing things like:  "we haven't seen you in a while", "haven't heard from you in a while","what have you been up to." 

I've "been up to" a lot. I have been seriously making moves to start making all the things of my college experience move towards my career goal : to create a non profit organization. 

Barely over a month into this semester I chartered an organization on campus, and have 6 events in 5 weeks to (co)host. Also, I have been making major connections to use the contacts I have made in my personal en devours to use in the academic setting, then relating back the experiences from using them at different events to gage what works and what I would like to draw from all of this to apply later. 

So I haven't been in the immediate eye,but I have been making alot of things come together, and my actions are speaking more than my words can say. The events and the people that will be in attendance because of my work, will speak for itself. 

My large goal that I made this year was to get closer to God, and walk stronger in my faith. I went through a deep fasting period last year ( see previous posts), and I feel like though all the intense reading, reflecting, and praying, that I wanted to be more vocal about my faith. Not just by talking about my faith more openly, but letting my faith show through my good works as the Bible calls us to do. 

Whats funny, there are always those people who feel the need to try and shoot someone down when they have something good going for them. They are often people who have a bad history with a person that they feel the need to still hang on to. Their way of rationalizing their past mistakes, is to knock down any progressive or positive thing they do from that point forward, and feel the need to attribute that to some sort of bad perception of the past conflict. They are the kind of people who usually spend all day complaining about society, make tweets or facebook statuses that have a mediocre profound meaning usually surrounding a subject matter they know little or are too scatter brained to piece in a whole, but have nothing to really show as a tangible example or validation for these amazing proverbs the preach on. These people are known as HATERS. 

I really have to say, I love them. I really do. They provide an inverse affect to my motivation. The more I hear from HATERS, the more inspired I hear. The more things they complain about, the more things I know I'm doing right, and the less things I see them doing at all. 

So , I thank you.