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Posted by sophia - - 0 comments

Exude the peace of a tranquil beast
Scream like the quiet storm
Find hope in the dawn of fog
Warmth is just a breath away.

Welcome silence with open arms
Turn to the rain
There is nothing more comforting
Than the reality of pain.

The same blood that gives us life
Pours into death
Within the air that’s between us
Our hearts can be broken.

Soft is the soul that guards the mind
Weak and vulnerable is the one that turns from the night
But as if it were meant to be
Beyond all darkness there is  light.

Hold hands with uncertainty
Flirt with your paths
Dance towards your destiny
Let laughter be your song.

We all want to be wanted
We all need love
Cry to the one your spirit  yearns for
Don’t be deceived by your eyes.

Hope is a soaring bird
Let it spread its wings
Far into the clouds
garnished by the rays of spring.

Let the past be the fire
That holds the fear of today
Let your future be the urn
To cast it's ashes away.