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Posted by sophia - - 0 comments


Confused of the crime
I allude to a time
where things were just so simple.
Dreams sang my song
the love never wrong
the truth never questioned
or thought of as a misconception
as long as the sun could rise and fall.

I have been crushed by the stones with my heart overgrown
from a secret cancer of fear
accumulated over the years
I never thought it would be something to heavy to hear
and thus,  I switched my gears

I let my soul cry

The water rained out of my eyes
flowed for days
God's way of soothing the pain
strength I have gained
the work has been a strain
but nothing will keep me away from that light at the end of the tunnel
which is so close I am starting to see the other side

Although I can never forget or make-believe
I smile
and try to make it seem as if the scars were never there
I guess there are some burdens that I will always wear
however my fire shall constantly glare

So as heavy as these chains maybe
and blinding my path may seem
just no I'm a great woman of power, just watch and see
I shall not falter or fall

a lot of people question my abilities, belittle my efforts, attempt to compromise my actions for their insecure, unproductive selves... just know, this is just my beginning. so stay tuned....

peace and love