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Posted by sophia - - 0 comments

Hip Hop is as much as a musical movement as it is a literary stepping stone in the Black culture. Its a passionate testimony to the lives we live... the good and the bad. Our generation has grown up with it, and it will continue to nurture us as it provides the means of explaining what is otherwise socially inexplicable.


Feel my essense
hear my roar
Be the key that opens the door
to uncharted territories where I will soar
like a bird where boundries will be no more
Unleashed to spread the verbal fire
fruiting, endless is desire
Providing a new frontier
giving life
to the sweet and young melodies I hear

What power, such a voice, such a passion I see
What grief, what strife
All the stories to believe

Each one different and unique
and yet
They blend to become something like flesh and whole to me

Whether it is the b-boys, the big chains , and Kangol in blue
or the ice and slick forces

one thing remains true

No matter where you go or what you do


inspiration provided by HIP HOP SAVED MY LIFE- Lupe Fiasco