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This is a first. i have never written a poem directly in my blog. I normally write it in a personal journal and after a few days of editing, if i decide, to share it, it comes here.  Here is my unedited attempt to poetically respond to the story of this song with a little help of past personal expiriences. this is as raw as it gets. enjoy.

I have had enough.
 I'm tired of the tears.
I'm tired of the anger.
 I'm tired of being belittled and having my emotions tried
and my heart tied in a knot.
 as if I have forgot all the painful lies and sleepless nights where i cried way to a williowing clutter of confusion. 

We lack fusion and depth of a relationship is a far distant illusion.
We parted and never found a solution
 so were are just a solute with undissolved tension
I approach the next step with apprehension
I approach the next move with tactful words
because I know what hurt they bring
I know the magnitude of its power
as the fury rolls on

You say feelings are unjustifiable means of proof
but what happens when my feelings are true
When they're all about you and nothing makes more sense than the way I do and do not feel about you
I am in no means confuzed
In no way unsure
I've never been one to ever give up so this will be a first....

I'll move on to were all the worries are gone and I can live free in the comfort of a bright future.
where my soul can be housed in the hands of the deserving.
 with this I bid you adieu, but before I conclude
 i want to wish you all the best 
dont you forget
 I will always love you.

                                                  Common- i want you