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just a thought......

What really makes an individual "individualistic"?

Our ears are always flooded with these phrases - Be yourself, be unique, stand out, etc.

What doest that really mean? Why does it matter? Why should I care?

I dont believe this at all. We are a very self driven and cocieted society. "Daring to be different" is not anything new in the jist of it. There is not much one can do to be hailed as a revolutionary unless they do something the world has never seen, heard, or had the confidence to change. That is what makes people like Martian Luther King Jr. So revered. And even then, it still took the support of many to make such an impact. So to all of those futuristic nut huggin pants swaggin guys and "i wanna be a Barbie" girls out there, YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING SPECIAL. get over it.

We are all really quite the same.

Lets take a look at human anatomy. Or even further into the topic :genetics.
There are few genes ( around a dozen) that regulate the outcomes of our bodies. On those genes, there are extremley subtle differences that actually make us phyically and physiogically distiguishably different. For example one strand on one gene with differentiate one of the many factors that determine skin color. All of these differences are so slight that it if you were to compile all the differences between one human being to the next, we would be at least 90% the same. These slight differences in phenotype creates an increased chance for overlap, which is why there are people who have such similar qualities of the body internally and externally. ( ie why some people look alike and have the same diseases) The variation of these traits are sometimes expected more than others when comparing dominant and recessive genes, yet still the differences are slight. Some of these slight changes make large impacts, such as the single strand of variation that can cause a mulititude of different mental illnesses or physical disabilities. Physiologically we are really quite similar. We are all made of the same elements. All conisited of about 96% water, meet the same chemical needs for survival, forgo the same internal chemical reactions.

As far as psychological and social individuality, its more of a humanistic way to attempt to capture pride of one's self = FASHION. Even still the differences are not that varied or vast. Fashion is really just a long winded series of small changes to eventually make something "new" or "trendy". For example, people wanted to wear bell bottom jeans for long time, and they slowly gained lesser approval as fashion designers favored a more slim legged pant. So its still jeans and look practically the same until you compare the portion below the knee. Being "fashionable" in its self is just following a social norm, diminishing the thought of being unique. There may be pieces, items, or hair styles that are less common, yet still follow the social trends of the time for the most part.

There was a girl that was sitting in one of my classes. Her hair was so spikey I could barely see over the top of her head. I wanted to move seats, but there were no more seats left. I asked her if she didnt mind moving over to the left or right so that I could possibly see a little better. She refused, grew angry and proceeded to tell me how sick she was of people " not apprieciating her individuality". She felt like me asking her to move herself so that her head was out of my path of vision to view the notes on the board, was really a stand against her "self expression"....

I really dont know how her spikey hair makes her more individualistic than the other gillion people that have spikey hair. And what does that have to do with me needing to see the board infront of me.

This pychosocial phenomena of individualism leads to a greater social force of nationalistic views. Having pride in ones self and people that they identify with is a great part of maintaining culture and heritage, however, I just feel like everyone's great desire to be "individualistic" is really jus tthe same persuit in a different facade. Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to be seen. Everyone wants their "uniqueness" to count for something. But if you strip everyone within a culture down to is minimalistic needs of staining qualities, we would all be the same really. Why not embrace those similarities instead of going through this constant differation and segregation?

The fact that we all have something that makes us "unique" is a quality. And the fact that we all share this quality is a uniform trait. 


All those lines of division to create "fashion" is all from a consensus of interests anyways....  so why does it really matter?

just sayin

sophia camille

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  1. Zack says:
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  2. Zack says:

    This post reminds me of a couple people from my middle school and high school that "conformed" in order to be "unique." Since everyone else essentially conformed against conformity, which is pretty much conforming in itself.

    I think the use of the words "individualism" and "conformism" are what really hurt society. The former makes people paranoid about whether or not they are cool enough as an individual, and the later makes people feel bad for adapting something into their personality.

    I just sorta look at myself as the combined effort of everyone I've ever known, which truly makes me unique because I'm the only person influenced and touched by all the people that are or have been a part of my life.

    That's my two cents. I have a lot more, but it's time for me to head to church.


  3. sophia says:

    lol, especially at the first part. we went to the same high school and are probably thinking about hte same people.

    they were much of the inpiration for this piece and i thank them and you as well for reading :)

    i was almost afraid i was the only one who felt this way

    speaking of church!
    how was ur service today, mine was incredible, what a cool day to say i love you to Christ lol