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Posted by sophia - - 2 comments

I’m content with the way things are

Im not satisfied with the way things are going

I feel trapped in between hate and love

And im not sure how to get out of this thicket of annoyingness

I’m stressed by the what could have beens

And motivated by what could be

But why keep moving on

When there may not be a purpose of continuality

I lack the courage to let go

But the thoughts consumes my mind

I could always go the easy way

And wait for you to walk away

But really at the end of the day

I cant stand being alone

I’m content with crying

But I’m not satisfied if you’re not here to wipe the tears

Like a moth to a flame

And cant escape the obvious blame

We have tried so many times

Things all result in just the same

I have kept my mind open

But my heart closed shut

Probably the resaon why were stuck in this rut

I’m content with who I am

Not satisfied in “we”

I have to break up with you

You and I can never be.

2 Responses so far.

  1. welcome to my life. i'm in 100% concurrence with this post.
    don't you just hate it when guys don't love you like they should?
    i love you soph <3

  2. sophia says:

    lol, yeah story of my heart. but i have faith that there is a guy to hold and value my heart the way it should be, as i will to him
    I love you to megs <3