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Posted by sophia - - 0 comments

Sophia Camille = Perfect Wisdom
This is the translation of my name. Sophia means wisdom. Camille means perfect.

I don't by any means feel like I have or ever will meet this level of insight, however,I do always strive to observe things for its higher meaning.

The translations of these names are traditional interpretations, but its kind of interesting to think about how society has adapted their own meanings different names over time and they all become more and more relative.

So what better source to reference than urbandictionary.com

Here are the results

Sophia : Click here
Camille: Click here

Now some of these are really great and flattering, while others are well... clever.

Its bit  interesting to see what qualities and descriptions people came up with. I wonder what inspired them... And for the EXTREME results, what made them take it THAT far...
you should try it!

that femme fatale. with intelligence and beauty with the eyes of angels