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I have come to a fork in the road on my walk in faith. 

After being saved for over a year, its shocked me how much I really haven't been living my life as a disciple to its fullest potential. 

In the start of my time being saved, laid it all down. I let myself be completely anew. I wanted to have everything that I say and do be a reflection of Christ. I figured, it would be easy, "just do what is right". The problem with that was, I made everything relative to what I felt was right. ***

I basically took advantage of the fact that I am saved, to choose when and when not to be a Christian. Satan's whole purpose is to divert faithful people away from God, and its sad how easy people ( including myself), has let that become. 

Not only was this degenerating to my relationship with Christ, but it only made me look lesser a Christian to anyone else, and made me lose opportunities to show people what being a Christian really is. far as those two paths go,  I'm "taking the road less traveled". Much of our society does the same thing I do. Follow a relative faith and live within the confinements of psudeo-Christianity. People look at sins in a hierarchal manner. Seeing some sins, not as bad as others, to make themselfs feel better. For example : people say that a white lie is not as big as a big lie. But who comes up with the way to wager what makes a lie worse than another. In the Bible, a lie is a lie no matter what. Secondly, sin is de-synthesized as they increase in frequency. I fell into the typical trap where I felt like, if everyone else was doing it, and they were "fine", then I'll be ok too...  Just because everyone is doing a wrong, doesnt make it right. This is the kind of idea that white Americans used to justify Jim Crow laws. There was nothing in the Bible that allowed them to have any right to do what they did, but because everyone else did it.... get the picture?

This does NOT mean that I will not make mistakes along the road.

This DOES mean, that when I do ( I know I will), I will humbly accept them and absorb the lesson, as opposed to just gliding over it as I have in the past. I felt like, if whatever I do only affects me, then it doesnt matter. This was without seeing, that every action I do or dont do, affects someone else directly and/or indirectly. And each action or inaction is a reflection of my character/faith..

I dont really regret anything. After all, it was 19 years of alot of downs to bring me to Christ initially, so I really think this is a step closer.  I cant say that my writing this makes anything I did right, but, i apologize for any hurt feelings

Im taking every step to  be what I do, and to do what I need  to uphold my profession as a Christian. 

with progessing faith

***Now, just to clarify, I am not at all religious. I have a faithful relationship with God and I want to live my life to be more like Jesus as described in the Bible. There is a difference.