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una nueva vida.- a new life.

Last week I recieved an annonymous message from a reader saying that I do not put enough heart into my writings and that my poems were vaugly descriptive. At first, I had the classic human response and I was offended. Then I really did reflect on what I read and now I can honestly admit: I agree. Im pretty emotionally reserved in person, so I my writings followed my personality.

My previous blog posting was for that special reader out there. I apprieciate you. Your critisism now has mostivated me to further strech my writing. This was a true challenge. I had to draw from alot of different situations and places withing my heart that I have left pretty covered. So I hope you enjoyed it.

So now, I am going to continue this literary momentum and see how things flow.Starting now...

So I am putting a halt on this whole dating thing... or at least there is a man that can do something so surmountable to have me convinced otherwise. ( try being honest about your feelings for once, just a thought) 

Ive been especially discouraged because of a statement made by a friend of mine. I was speaking with a him in regards to dating, and how I was clearly hurt by a recent dosage of "heart ache". His response was for me to date other guys at the same time, scatter my options, play different cards.

Some people pride themselves on "having game". Quite frankly, that is one area that I dont wish to excell.

Really people, think of all the people who boast about having game.... they are most likely SINGLE or ABOUT TO BE. just sayin.. ;o) things like that dont last if they ever start in the first place.

peace and love

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  1. You go girl! I'm right there with you; I don't pride myself in having extraordinary game because let's be honest: playing games HURTS in the end. I'd rather just be honest with a guy if I felt something between us. I've experienced way too much heartache recently, and I think it's time (especially with my LEAST favorite time of the year upon us) to just chill out and forget about guys for a while.

    I love you. <3