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What can be simultaneously multidimensional and known as one word?
Equally dangerous as it is soothing?
How can it be so universally known and signify a story of its own?
What force makes all emotions sewn in a kaleidoscope of passion?
What is an experiences un-unique to all?
What glistens with humility?
What are the strongest means of communication to express my emotions
They are able to say what my words can never tell
Sink the heart to its depths of affection
And bring the mind to the climax of the respective sensations...

I am not afraid to cry. When I cry, my heart and mind are liberated. Tears have been apart of our lives from the time we took our very first breath out of the womb. So why be ashamed?  I dont apprieciate people telling others not to cry about their emotions... especially when it is the most naturally humanistic way of doing so...
That's like telling someone not to live.
Tune in and vibe out