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another poetic freestyle of the mind and soul inspired by...

I once sat down when the sun was bright and the sky was blue
and I told myself should write a poem about you.

I was having trouble describing the beauty of your eyes to its deserved perfection
with the intensity of lighting that proceeds the deepest of thunders
How they say everything without you saying a word
How one look seems to spark all my nerves
and unwind my thoughts to end me sailing to cloud 9
with one wink

Writing a poem like this is not as easy as one may think
I had difficulty describing your lips
which are soft like velvet
smooth like silk
and when they touch mine

I melt
while the substance of me glides into your indescribable hands
who's feel has housed arousing travels into distant lands of
twin mountain peeks
a wet abyss
and rained a raging fire
and if I were to travel higher
I would find a marvelous tower
that deserves a poem of its own

But really your hands...
fit so perfectly along each and every one of my curves
Im not so sure if its a blessing of a curse for your feel to feel this great
for my yearnings and desires to be ignited with such passion with one gentle stroke across my cheek
leaving me motionless and unable to speak

I love your laugh...
and to contextually paint its picture
it would take a lifetime and a half to illustrate the happiness that protrudes through its every rise and fall
the bliss of your laugh
kisses my ears and brings the kind of joy that makes angels sing.
Yes your laugh is a glimpse of heaven.

And when the gates open
I am acquainted by your kiss
there is nothing more deservedly indescribable as this
your kiss makes all still
I forget about the past
unaware of the present
and I mentally glide through the anticipation of each second your mouth dances with mine in the future
I cant think of a phrase to give light to the way your kiss lifts my heart to a state of tranquil ease as it
lays soundly in the comforts of your soul


I want to write the most beautiful poem for you
but I only know there are only three words that will do and have timelessly stood true

I love you.

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  1. I absolutely love this Soph. <3

    and YOUUUU