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This blog entry was supposed to be this grand "tell it all" of everything that has been on my mind this week. I began to write it and had a bout of "deja vu", so I paced back some entrys and saw that everything that I am feeling wierd about now, I somewhat went through previously between September and December. And I am not trying to be repetitive. I mean, they are not entirley the same situations, in fact, some far from it. However, that nawing sense of uncertainty that plauged my attidude on life is back.

I have a problem for taking things as they are. I like to ensure sucess with things by surrounding situations with all the postive reinforcement I can. I realized, somethings are inevitable. Alot of situations are blossoming, while others are somewhat crashing (thats a light description), and its hard to say what the outcome will be. I feel like I cant handle any more dissappointment, but there is really no way of preventing whatever way these situations fall.

Im finding my tolerance intolerable. Im getting pretty tired of compensating the things I need for the things others want.

so before this becomes a rant