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When the going gets tough it only gets tougher

Day Two

All I can say is, Satan, you are hilarious. Really.

The drama he threw at me was ridiculous. I woke up to drama went to sleep with more drama. But the difference between today and the time before the fast is, that today, I provided the reaction I wanted to give, not the one they expected.

I also thought it was funny that right as I state I don't want to date, I get five messages from some guys who do. If you are that guy or were thinking about being that guy, please understand the answer is no. I was just really shocked how these guys know about what I am now trying to do with my life and they are trying to maneuver their way into my spiritual path. A man should be spiritually motivating, not distracting. And I need to stay spiritually focused and avoid deviating.

Day Three

I need to really focus on LETTING GO.

I am a huge person of pattern. When I recognize a pattern, I observe it, evaluate it and store it as a later point of reference. Which is as equally a good thing as it is a bad thing. It limits my ability for open observation, therefore restricting my views. Its pretty much creating a whole lot of multi situated prejudices. I really have to focus on isolating what those things are and really praying them out of my mind and clear my soul.