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Here is an old spoken words joint, put in writing for  special friend to hopefully have a wakeup call

love you

Three years. Three years in an aweful long time to know somone relative to my age. Three years is between one sixth and one seventh of my lifetime. Three years as my friend. And you think after three yeears of having someone lie to you, you would eventually walk away. No. Unfortunatley after three years, you seek further attachment while there really is no reason to hold on. And the lies, those three years of lies, have piled up to the point where I dont even know what is real anymore. And after three years, it hurts more each second. Three years of being picked up and smacked down. Three years of being cursed at. Three years of being used. Three years of being pushed to limits that I didn't know existed. Three years of swallowing my pride so that the other's will trample over me. Three years of  being "the other option"

And what is funny is watching their reaction. When I confront him about these lies (three years of lies) he gets defensive, he gets rash, and uncontrolled. Unaware of the pletora of things I know. Unaware of everything he thinks I have no clue about. Look out fool, secret is out the bag.

But, to a small extent, I take this as a compliment. You play around with the other girls and come right back, ( eventually) as you know that I am really the best woman that has or will cross your path and if you dont keep your act together ( or rather, your lies in wraps) ill be another memory of your past that you will spend your whol future trying to replace

Well, I'm done with the race. Man, you're just too "fast".

Today starts a new life time with out this headache, without this heartbreak,without  these tears. I dont know how or if I will ever love again. Or live withot the fear atttached to it, but alas, I am free from the shackles of this undeserving person who is now my past.