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hahaha!! just playing.

im beyond diva status!!

it amazes me how i can go through things and not have a clue why, then come to an epifany and then... POOF! everything seems to fall in place.
im really so happy for the strength God has blessed me within the past couple of months. i've had alot of ups and downs, but they have all summed up to this great mountain of courage.
im ready to start taking charge and go on with what i feel is right while continuing to learn how to be more paticient.

but ...its was quite interesting today. i was really not myself, but it was good.

i woke up late, and followed the rest of my day at my own pace. I EVEN ENJOYED MY DAY AT WORK ( this RARELY happens).

on another note, im really enjoying getting to know more people latley. Ive met alot of interesting people this week. Furthermore, im realy liking getting to know the people i allready know better.... ;o) ill keep you posted