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The title says it all!

Back in the day people used to physically interact with others.
While in the persuit of dating, they would talk to others around that person to find out information, talk to the person themselves, spend time with them. The face to face contact was a nessesary thing to do, but it was a surefire way to see if you were really willing  to continue to pursue them.

NOW, all you have to do is search thier name in Facebook, Myspace, etc. and find out everything about that person without even meeting them. Most people have a pretty throurough about me section, so you can see everything that person has to say about themselves. You can see how they interact with people from their pictures, wall, posts and status updates. You can even know where they are as they post thier exact location on Twitter.  You can see thier past relationships, embarrasing pictures, their family, and their friends and really make a scope of who they are.

Its amazing, and yet its really not. This allows people to put forth a person who we may find misleading when actually in person.
Nevertheless, these forms of communication are taken way to seriously!

so here are some rules to better help ourselves to adjust to this new blast of hyper-cyber communication

1. Stop thinking everyone checks their messages.
    I had  some friends actually get mad at me for not replying back to Facebook messages... I have a life away from my computer.. call.. text.

2.Stop thinking every status update is about YOU!
     I hate it when people read statuses and get so worked up when they assume it is about them! Like when did you become so special! SHEESH! lol

3. Stop taking relationship statuses so seriously
   You know what I am talking about people. Those girls/ boys that break up with their significant other b/c they dont want to post a status.... SHAME!

These are just three of the many rules that should revolve in the brain while utilizing cyber communication.

peace and love