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I just wanted to float along the bliss of your warm, soft kiss
Sleep in the bounds of your arms.
Trust you with all I had
 because with you, I found no harm.

Everything you touched became a shrine.
The sun it's self could never outshine,
 because your grace just seemed to raidiate beyond measurable bounds.

Rest. My soul has found balance from your hands
The time can envolope all it's sands,
And I'd still be waiting.

My mind is held steadfast to your happiness
and my body yearns for your feel.
The world around me keeps spinning, and yet I want to sit still.
 Just to bask in the awe of your handsome facade
So of yourself my eyes would fill.

I'll drown in the sound of your voice
Stirred by the currents of your words
Fly above all the fears
Guided by instinct,

As a bird
We would soar beyond the universe
Make a nest within the stars
Draw our hearts on the moon
and watch reality from afar...

I was once in love with an infatuation.
The infatuation was the desire to find real love
The love was blindly compassionate
To what it is and all it was...