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 Some of my thoughts of today are found within the words of this song.... which has been kinda running continuously in my brain from last week or so...

song of the day

on another note, ladies and gents ( especially ladies!)
im gunna cut right to the chase.

two words : GROW UP!!
if i hear another " she said/he said" story one more time!! i'll go crazy on someone!!

i dont think i really need to explain this, but i think we all know someone or some people who do this all the time!
so, 1. don't be this person, and 2. avoid these type of people at all costs.

secondly, i would like to elaborate on the topic of TRUST.
there are alot of misconceptions about trust, but its a lot easier than most people care to understand.
there are two methods...
you its either you 1. DO trust the person , or 2. DON'T trust the person

there is no middle ground. there is no "what if's". there is no  such thing as circumstancial trust.
trust until you are given a VALID reason not to, not the other way around.
there is no point in trying to relate to someone you cant trust, no matter what type of relationship it is.

this means ladies and gents ( esp ladies) if your woman or man tells you something, believe them. A relationship mixed with doubt and jealousy is bound to fail with flying colors....

i feel really sorry for some friends of mine who are struggling with this issue as they are not  being trusted or trusting.
trust is such a fundamental component of love, don't let something so minute make such a big impact

peace and love